Monday, June 14

About Us

Editorial Board


Dave Ghosh is a Junior studying Computer Science. His hobbies include reading the Wall Street Journal, watching sports, and creating useful applications.

Creative Director

Maxwell Qian is a Junior from Sylvania, Ohio, and is majoring in Economics and History.  His interests include history, psychology, politics, sports, and podcasting.

Production Manager

Matthew Jean-Mary is a Junior from Hamilton, NJ, near the state capital of Trenton. He is double majoring in Economics and Human Organizational Development (HOD). When he is not studying, he loves to play and talk about sports with friends. This past summer, he worked at the YMCA and a local department store. These jobs taught him a lot about time management, as well as served as an introduction to business operations. To wrap up his summer, he had the opportunity to visit Wall Street (global business center). A goal of his for the future is to obtain an internship on Wall Street and to truly immerse himself in the business culture.

Managing Editor

Gabriel Hinojosa is a Junior from Miami, Florida studying Economics, Computer Science, and Mandarin Chinese. In his free time, he likes to watch NBA basketball, kayak on the weekends, and follow the stock market. He hopes to one day use his Vanderbilt education to become more immersed in the stock market.