Month: October 2019

The Morality of Facebook

Since Facebook was founded in 2004, it has expanded to serve many purposes, whether that be to allow people to connect with one another, to sell items, or to centralize communication among organizations. During the process, the company also acquired companies such as Instagram, WhatsApp, and Oculus, and created extension services to meet consumers’ demands. While most of what Facebook has done has been well received from a convenience point-of-view, the question of how the freedom of speech can be applied to the social media platform has come to light in recent weeks. On Thursday, October 17th, Mark Zuckerberg delivered…
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Microsoft-Oracle Partnership

Microsoft and Oracle recently announced their intention to integrate their cloud services. Until this announcement, the companies had been two of the three top competitors for the cloud services market through their Azure and Oracle Cloud arms. Microsoft and Oracle’s announcement is surprising because of the vocal rivalry between the companies. In the same week as the announcement, Oracle filed a lawsuit against Amazon and Microsoft over a $10 billion Pentagon  cloud services contract. As of right now, the partnership will be limited to connecting the data centers of the respective companies, a relatively seamless transition since Oracle was already…
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The Federal Reserve September Meeting

On Wednesday, the Federal Reserve concluded its September meeting in which it lowered the target range for the federal funds rate from 2 percent to 2¼  percent to 1¾ percent to 2 percent. In its statement regarding the decision, the Federal Reserve indicated that a weakening global economic outlook combined with low inflation motivated its decision.   The Fed had been targeting 2 percent objective for inflation, but it remains below that level.  Despite unemployment remaining low, the Fed decided to lower rates, which represents a stimulation of the economy, due to the lack of inflation.  In addition, the Fed indicated…
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